Blueprint is a usability and user experience consultancy based in Chicago. We help you design products, applications and services that fit the way people think and work.

Usability Testing

This is the closest you’ll get to time travel! Usability testing transports you to a future in which your design exists so you can see how people use it and react to it. 

Usability Expert Review

We offer a quick-turn-around, low-cost usability audit service for consumer products and interactive systems including software applications and web sites.

User Needs Discovery

We replace speculation and opinion with hard evidence to help you discover what to design and how to design it. Think of it as user experience detective work.

Featured UX article

Why iterative design isn’t enough to create innovative products

Iterative design is a proven approach for optimising the usability of a product or service. Teams create prototypes, test them with users, find problems and fix them. But iterative design does not guarantee innovation. To develop innovative designs, we need to question the way we have framed the problem and instead focus on our users’ underlying needs.