Usability Expert Review

Our client was a B2B supplier of industrial, healthcare and manufacturing products, tools and equipment. Their main eCommerce website was undergoing redesign and we were commissioned to review the existing site, identify usability problems, and provide recommendations for improving the search functions and checkout process that would help both new users and returning users.

Our approach

Prior to starting the review, we met with the client’s development team to ensure we fully understood the business and user goals. Then three Blueprint UX consultants, working independently of each other, used the website to carry out core tasks and measure its usability against usability standards and proven, best practice principles. 

Specifically, we assessed the website against the dialogue principles specified in the International usability standard, ISO 9241-110, Nielsen's 10 usability principles, and against a checklist of almost 250 usability, interface design, accessibility and best practice design principles drawn from a wide range of industry sources. The strength of these checkpoints is that they are firmly based on user research and what is proven to work on the web, not our own personal opinions.

We then wrote a detailed, illustrated, report describing the usability strengths and weaknesses of the website with actionable design recommendations, and a practical defect tracking list, and met with the client team to debrief and discuss the findings and next steps . 

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Searching a website, finding a product and checking out are mission critical to online commerce. At the end of this engagement, the client was able to see the main usability problems, and had clear and specific design recommendations to help them prioritize and fix the problems during their upcoming redesign.