Ongoing UX Support

We can provide your team with ongoing UX and usability support on an as-needed basis. Designers, engineers and product managers sometimes just want to be able to pick up the phone and get immediate, independent, expert usability help. Now you can do just that. If you do not have in-house usability staff or if your own team is stretched to the limit, we're happy to parachute in* and help you plug the gap. 

* That's just an analogy of course. We don't really parachute in. We're afraid of heights.

Here's how it works ...

Our ongoing support package gives you access to a highly qualified and experienced Blueprint consultant who you can contact by email or phone. Here are some examples of the kinds of work we can do to support you:

  • Design a study
  • Write a recruiting screener
  • Assess a product’s ergonomics
  • Review a product design
  • Analyze data from a summative usability test
  • Help resolve design disputes
  • Provide coaching and mentoring help
  • Create user personas based on your own research data
  • Evaluate a design from your design agency
  • Review usability job applicant resumes
  • Join your team on a conference call


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Our support packages 

Choose the support package that best meets your needs and budget:

4 hours - $725
8 hours - $1,450
12 hours - $2,175
16 hours - $2,900 

Or contact us to discuss a customized support arrangement.