Usability Expert Review

Our usability experts will quickly find any usability “bloopers” and show you how to eliminate them. We'll prioritize the problems so you know which ones are critical to fix, and we'll give you realistic and actionable recommendations that will significantly improve your designs.

What is a Usability Expert Review?

In a Usability Expert Review, usability experts test your product, website or system, against usability and user interface design standards and principles, and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Think of it as giving your system a health check. The approach is thorough and rigorous, but it is also quick and affordable. This makes it a great way to get started with usability. 

Our approach to Usability Testing

We work with you to identify the key goals that your users must to achieve when using your product or system, and the main tasks they must complete in order to achieve these goals. We determine the priority of the tasks based on their importance to the user and their frequency of occurrence. 

Then, working independently of each other, our usability experts first familiarize themselves with your product or system, and then use it to carry out real tasks. As they work they apply up to 250 specific usability, ergonomics and accessibility checkpoints that describe best practice usability and interface design principles. The checkpoints and principles are firmly based on a range of industry sources and standards – they are not based on our personal opinions. Finally, we prioritize the usability issues and make realistic and actionable recommendations so that you can improve your design. 



Don't forget the competition

We can also evaluate your competitors’ products so that you can see how your proposed new designs stack up compare. We'll show you their strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do to out-perform them.

Case Study

Find out how we helped an industrial supplies company to identify the usability strengths and weaknesses of their main website, and improve their customers' online experience.