UX Management and Strategy 

We have experience of building and managing UX design teams, and we know how to integrate usability into a company’s design process and how to sell it within an organization. We can help you get get started with UX, and we can help develop a strategy to make UX a core competency for your organization.   

How we can help you

We've observed many UX initiatives that fail because they try to adopt usability in a piecemeal fashion - usually hoping to get by with minimum investment and by using only 'quick and dirty' UX techniques.  Alas, these initiatives seldom even scratch the surface of what's required and they are easily brushed aside by stronger agendas and stronger voices in the organization.

We can show you how to convince senior management of the need to invest in usability; help you and your organization to think strategically; identify and recuit a top-level UX champion; raise awareness throughout your organization; how to overcome common obstacles and objections; demonstrate return on investment for usability; and talk the kind of language that connects with your designers, marketers and business analysts.

Creating a UX vision

Many UX groups fail because they don't really know where they are heading, what they want to achieve or how to get there. A user experience vision is a view of a future in which customers are buying and using your product, and it provides you with design goals for your management and development teams. Like a flag on the horizon it gives you an agreed destination and a road map that serves to steer you towards what matters most for your customers. Blueprint can work with your team and your management-level stakeholders to help you to create this vision, and to communicate it throughout your organization.



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Are you making a difference?

Are your usability efforts making a difference in your organization? We can audit your usability process and help you see what your process-partners and other stakeholders in your organization expect from their usability commitment.

Our audit will uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the service currently provided by your usability endeavors, as perceived by your practitioners and your stakeholders; identify opportunities for expanding usability services in your organization; carry out an analysis of the organization’s usability awareness and training needs; and help you better communicate your UX vision.